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Find out how much you could potentially make from your YouTube channel.

YT Revenue Calculator

Things To Consider

YouTube Ads differ per category and niche.

Not all content can be monetised. For example, copyrighted content can be claimed by the rightful owner such as music or film content.

This calculation does not include other revenue sources like affiliate or sponsored content. Other sources tend to make up a lot of the income for large YouTubers.

What is YouTube revenue?

YouTube revenue is generally associated with the money you make from YouTube ads appearing on your videos. However, there are other ways you can make money with YouTube, such as affiliate marketing and sponsored content. In general, the more views a channel receives the more advertising revenue it earns. However, long form content and niche content can enable you to earn more money without a large number of views.

Which YouTubers make the most money?

Nowadays, many YouTubers are raking in millions via adverts and sponsorships. But, to some people’s surprise, at the top of the list is a kid named Ryan Kaji, better known under his channel Ryan’s World, who has over 30 million subscribers on YouTube. In 2020, according to Forbes, he made over 29 million dollars. In the second place, big YouTube giveaway star Mr.Beast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, gathered in over 24 million dollars. Finally, the top three are formed by Dude Perfect, a channel with over 57 million subscribers, making around 23 million dollars in 2020

What does RPM (Revenue Per Mille) mean?

Revenue Per Mille, better known as RPM, is a metric that outlines how much money your channel has earned per 1,000 video views. RPM is based on several revenue sources, including adverts, channel memberships, YouTube Premium revenue, Super Chat and Super Stickers. Unlike CPM, RPM includes total revenue reported in YouTube analytics and money earned after revenue share.

What does CPM mean on YouTube?

Cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) is a metric that measures how much advertisers are splurging on YouTube. A portion of the advertising money advertisers spend on your videos goes to you. Profits increase as an advertiser pays more for an advertisement. In order to determine the value of your videos and audience to advertisers, you should look at your CPM. This will help you understand your industry and niche.

Do longer videos help with YouTube revenue?

Long-form YouTube videos tend to help with revenue due to them allowing the space for more advertising. For example, if a video breaks the renowned 10-minute mark, Youtube will let you, the creator insert an ad into the middle of your video, rather than just the start. Consequently, you will have a significant opportunity to make more money from your videos. In addition, longer videos also help with retaining viewers for more sustained periods. The more viewers stay on your videos, the longer you have to promote your other channels and potential sponsors, making you a viable advertising option for brands looking to reach your audience.

Creating Content
That Generates Money

Channel Brand

Before dreaming of YouTube success, let’s go back down to earth and understand our brand. Branding isn’t just the design of your channel, but the message of your channel and its presentation visually, audibly and textually. All great YouTube channels have a unique brand that stands tall. Everyone who watches PewDiePie or Ryan’s World would be able to explain to you what the channel does in a few words. That’s what we like to call a strong, established brand. Unfortunately, a common mistake with inexperienced YouTubers is the yoyo-disease, where creators don’t focus on a specific niche or type of content. This lack of definition for content disengages the audience, leaving their subscriber count stagnant and their revenue pot in decline. Thus, before you start making videos understand what type of videos you’ll be making and stick with it.

Creative Content

Like painting the Mona Lisa, creating a YouTube video requires creativity and skill, maybe not as much of both but indeed some. Creative content is at the top of any YouTuber’s list. All creators hope to find a new way to create engaging and fun content that attracts new viewers and increases their revenue. Therefore, even though creating unique content doesn’t require the reinvention of the wheel, it certainly involves expertise in content creation.

Moreover, all content creators require consistency with their style. Attaching a consistent style to your content lets people know you better and encourages them to watch your videos later. Consistent content is a bit like a great Netflix series. It’s thrilling throughout each season, but most episodes follow the same formula and story, making you come back for more.

Attention-Grabbing Thumbnails

The art of the thumbnail is genuinely unique. If you don’t know, thumbnails are the tiny little images you click on when you see a video you like. They can skyrocket your viewer conversion rate if done correctly. Channels like Zoella, The School of Life, Ted-Ed, and The Futur are great examples of channels that utilise their thumbnails professionally with conversion in mind.

Moreover, we also have the art of the clickbait thumbnail, the most popular option for those looking to shock or have fun with their viewers. Channels like Memeulous, ScreenRush, and Hooked are great examples of clickbait thumbnails.

Optimised Descriptions & Titles

Having watchful content sometimes is not enough, especially when millions of videos are uploaded daily on YouTube. Here’s where the title and description step in. Making your title and organic description as relevant to your video as possible will help you. For example, naming a funny clip you shot simply as ‘Funny Clip 01’ won’t do much in terms of grabbing attention. However, if you went on to specify what’s happening, for example, ‘FUNNY: GUY GETS HIT BY A PIE’ will scream more at your potential audience and give them a more extensive overview of what they are about to watch. Lastly, make sure your video description include important links to your other channels.

Consistency & PresenceĀ 

Being consistent on YouTube is one of the few ways you can give yourself a chance at some sort of success. It doesn’t just help retain and grow subscribers but also lets you know what type of content generally does better for you. In addition, creating more consistent content will give you the analytical power to strategise for content that provides your viewers and you more value. So, for example, if you find a video that reached three times as much engagement and views, you could do part two and see how that does. Or even better, create a fully-fledged series that entices viewers to come back for more.

Your presence should also be on other channels, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others — depending on your niche. This social strategy will help you engage with your viewers and let them become more devoted followers of your channel.


Depending on your style and niche, collaborations might be a viable option to help develop your channel further. Also, collaborations allow you to introduce yourself to the other channel’s subscribers and vice-versa, bringing both channels more attention. Whilst not all channels can easily collaborate, for example, if you’re creating Photoshop tutorials, the opportunity for a collab might be minimal. On the other hand, Vlogging channels, for example, can have a phenomenal route to the world of collaboration. For example, YouTubers like KSI and the Sidemen channel are known for their consistent collaborations throughout their various channels that hold millions of subscribers. As a result, all of their viewer counts have increased, as have their sponsorships with brands.

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