Where We Work

We work with numerous brands across the country at Talks. Listed below are some of the major cities where we are present.


The beautiful city of Cambridge is known for innovation and this is why we chose it to be our hub. We deliver our services locally to companies and educational institutes looking to grow in the digital world. From web design in Cambridge to SEO, we’ll make sure you’re covered.


Equally to Cambridge, the stunning city of Oxford thrives in moving our world forward with new ideas and technology developments. Like-wise we offer our innovative approach to marketing for companies from Oxford looking to grow.


Being home to Manchester United, the city of Manchester understand what it’s like being at the top for so many years. At Talks, we believe in big goals and can provide the marketing needs for companies in Manchester and surrounding areas.


The city of Brighton is a lovely staycation location but also a city for dreamers, artists and entrepreneurs. With the place being so vibrant, we love working with small and big companies from Brighton.


Just like the city of Cambridge, we believe in moving forward with innovation. Our website design service speaks for itself, see for yourself.