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Your website is the door to your business. Slick, responsive websites are necessity for companies seeking to triumph in the digital space.

At Talks, we handle all your website needs from the get-go until the end, making sure your vision becomes reality.

Made for the digital space

Our websites are eye-pleasing, fluid and aid in conversions and brand development. We care for every pixel to ensure your responsive throughout various mediums. Our high-skilled team develops websites on various platforms and tools, including WordPress, Shopify, and Joomla.

Quality investment

Building a new website can have enormous effect on the success of your business, especially if you rely on generating leads or sales. On average, our typical customer sees a 37% increase in leads with a new website design. We build for beauty and performance.

Crafting perception

Based in Cambridge, UK, we have the skilled team and the top-notch tools necessary to make your website a success. With our help, you will be able to achieve positive brand perception and capture the attention of your target audience. Boring is not our style. 

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You’re still here? Here are more reasons to choose us.

If you’re unsure about the process and how we can help, we have compiled some common questions from our clients before they start working with us. From website development questions to how we help after we’ve finished the project.

Can you simply fix/redesign my website, instead of making a new one?

We try to avoid touching third party sites. However, if we feel secure using your site from the backend, we can implement or add changes to suit your needs. Many people ask for additions to their websites; these include eCommerce features, contact forms, image galleries, blogs, and others.

Do you help with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)? 

Yes, we love SEO, and we make sure that SEO is at the core of each site we create from the get-go. Whilst it is a shifting element that constantly requires other needs, we optimise sites to act in a way that helps boost your rank on Google, Bing and other search engines. We also help with link acquisition and blog building afterwards if you are interested in further growth.

Which platforms do you work with?

We work with various content management systems to build sites, including WordPress and Joomla. For eCommerce sites, we work with WooCommerce and Shopify. We also work with Moodle and PhpBB if you have other needs, such as running a forum or an educational website.

Do you create content for the website?

Depending on the options you choose as part of the package, we can create unique content for your website to grow faster. These options include blog posts, videos, photos, podcasts. Although all content add-ons are extra and require a different timeline to the website, we usually commence work after the site is launched and ready for content.

How long does a website take to make?

Website creation is a long process because it includes a complex plan, revisions, design, development, content creation, security, and other essential elements that hold the site together. However, the shortest time a website can take is a week. This is for websites that are one page and include reasonable content. Within that week, we would devote a total of two days for planning and drafting—two days for designing and development and then a day for revisions.

However, most sites take much longer, including multiple pages and more complex structures that require more planning. Thus, it takes longer to plan and create these sites, as we have to allow for scalability later on in the process and SEO management. For example, if you’re a shop selling a hundred products, but you’re going to add a thousand more next year, we need to know, so we don’t limit the website on the design functions and can also implement a more in-depth menu and search system.

How much does a website cost?

We know there are vastly varying sizes of companies in Cambridge and that not all fit the same budget. Usually, a website starts from £1000 and goes up depending on the website’s functions. So if you’re a school, or a business looking for a site that integrates various features like Moodle or a login dashboard for your customers, we’ll quote you a special price for your needs. All the pricing will be broken down, so there will be no hidden or unexplained fees.

What happens if my website breaks or becomes unresponsive?

If your website goes down, we will do our best to fix it. All our packages include recommended hosting, which provides for daily backups. We can perform a backup or even offer you an hourly backup package that helps restart your site quicker. If your site is down to server issues, we will enquire with the host of your website about the issue and will attempt to get your site running as quickly as possible.

Are your sites scalable?

We ensure that all sites we develop can be scaled to fit more extensive needs, such as bigger audiences, larger databases of products, and vast new pages to suit your needs. From global eCommerce sites to flashy fashion blogs, we work with a variety of industries. Thus, if you’re a local Cambridge bakery or a university, we’ll have the solution for your mission.

Can you guarantee Google rankings for my website?

As Google is a third party, we cannot guarantee specific spots on Google. However, we follow the best practices to make sure your website ranks well amongst your competitors. SEO is a long-term investment and requires consistent management, planning, and action to make it work for your company. We will be very clear on how we will plan to build content, acquire links and improve your website technically to ensure it’s compliant with Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Will my website work on a phone and tablet?

With most of our sites taking 60% of their traffic through mobile devices, we truly understand the importance of running responsive and compatible websites that work on your phone and tablet device. Therefore, we make sure to cover different web screen sizes, including for iPhones, Samsung devices, and other Apple and Android devices. Our team will also implement tracking for your analytics and include any specific elements you may want on your website when it’s on mobile mode.

Systems We Work With

If you’re looking for a serious web developer, then you need to know precisely what they will be using and how it will affect your experience and the visitors to your site. As a forward-thinking company, we believe in mastering the platforms we think are powerful enough to help empower our clients. We also believe that each platform should be accessible for our clients if they want to work on it in-house.

Our core CMS, or in other words, platform, is WordPress. Currently, around 455 million websites are made on WordPress. They all vary in size and functionality. WordPress is a potent tool that can be customised to your website needs which is why we love it and use it for most of our projects. It has allowed us to create unrivalled eCommerce shops and phenomenal news sites that can hold tonnes of data and make it easy for editors, managers and writers to collaborate. WordPress also contains a very active community, meaning constant security updates and features within the platform itself. 

In terms of eCommerce, we love using WooCommerce, which is part of WordPress. It is free but requires a lot of customisation and knowledge to work correctly for each business. In addition, WooCommerce has many great additional plugins for elements like digital downloads, subscription services, checkouts, payments, marketing funnels, and others.

Alongside Woo, we adore using Shopify, another superb eCommerce platform for small and large online businesses. Shopify is a growing giant and offers many different plans for people. Like WooCommerce, it requires a lot of customisation to suit each brand’s needs but can be an exciting and majestic tool for companies looking to grow in the eCommerce world.

Websites We Create

Business Websites

Having a slick, easy-on-the-eye website is essential when you’re running a growing company. At Talks, we create optimised, SEO-friendly business sites easy to browse on the phone and desktop. From construction to tech, we’ll make the website fit for your business needs for growth and success.


As a company, we own several prominent blog and magazine brands on the internet, which have millions of visitors each month. We understand the importance of owning a blog and the influence it can have on the business end. We can develop complex and fundamental blog sites depending on your wants as a business.

eCommerce Websites

The land of eCommerce is growing every second. Our team believes in constant innovation in eCommerce and loves working on sites that convert customers with customised search engines, easy-to-use checkouts and optimised product pages. We develop unique, award-winning sites that help restore customers and bring them back for more with targeted advertising and remarketing strategies.

Portfolio Websites

If you’re a local artist from Cambridgeshire, or a gallery looking to sell art, we’ll develop a clean, top-end website for your needs. Although, portfolio sites are easy to get wrong, they can be too minimal or too cluttered. We’ll make sure to get the balance right, so you and your clients are happy when using it.

Landing Pages

Are you looking to do an A/B test? Or simply convert customers quicker. We can develop landing pages specifically for your campaign needs. Landing pages require certain magic and consideration, including targeted language, appealing imagery, colours, and taglines that persuade. If you need someone with experience, then we’ll be here.

Directory / Listing Websites

Running a recruitment agency and need a site that lists the available roles? No problem, we can develop the site for you that does that and more, including unique contact forms with tracking that tells you each visitor’s experience and lets your clients upload their listings for a fee or for free.

Things Included with Your Website

Licensed Fonts

It sounds a little odd for non-design people, but we believe in fonts that make a brand stand out. Unfortunately, too many brands rely on standard fonts that simply mesh them with other companies and leave no or tiny impression. We love typography, and we will provide you with licensed fonts that will make your brand pop alongside all the graphic design.

Domain Name

You might be missing one or hoping to acquire one. We can get you a domain name as long as it’s not a premium one. Premium domain names can be pricey, so we can only acquire them if their budget is set.

CMS Package

WordPress comes with a pleasing dashboard, but it’s never perfect for everyone. So as part of the package, we’ll customise it for you, so it’s easier to use and fit for purpose. On request, we can also protect certain bits of the dashboard so certain users don’t see the parts you don’t want them to see.

SSL Certificate

It would be wrong for us not to include an SSL certificate alongside your website package. Google is known for penalising sites without one, so we make sure you don’t have to worry. We’ll provide one to you free of charge.

Analytics Package

We will set up your Google Analytics with your site to ensure you get all the data you need, including search terms used on your site, goals, and eCommerce conversions. With this package, you’ll understand how you can grow your site further and which parts of it are working better than others. Lastly, we can give you a rundown on Google Analytics if you request it.

Security Package

Sites are vulnerable as soon as they are indexed into a search engine. Bots and blackhat hackers can take over a website for ransom or simply spam links that will get your site crashed or penalised by Google. At Talks, we believe security is one of the core elements of creating a website. We will make sure your login portals are safe so only you and your staff can access them. Moreover, we fight spam with a few of our unique tools and install a security system that detects and changes to the core of your site, preventing risks.

Ways We Help After

Custom Features

If you develop a site with us and suddenly realise that you need more features, we’ll create a new package for your website that includes them. With this in mind, you won’t have to worry about your website falling behind your competitors. Standard features people ask for are eCommerce and blog related. We also get asked for custom forms such as contact forms, quote forms, calculators, galleries and more. If you need inspiration, you can ask our team, and we’ll be more than happy to suggest new features.

Change in Design

We also help with changing design features, including replacing text and imagery. Most of these small changes come free of charge if it’s under five edits. Anything over will take more time and thus will incur a small maintenance fee of £50 per 5 edits. Finally, if you require a new logo design or want us to come out and take photos of your business, we’ll offer you a content package for your website. These are all custom quotes, covering a specific amount of images, time, people, and content pieces.

SEO Strategy

While we create our sites with SEO in mind, we understand that SEO is a shifting game requiring constant attention and work. Our team will help develop a content and SEO strategy to help your website grow further. In addition, we will make sure the SEO strategy fits your industry and core needs. We will look at many elements for SEO, including blog posts, product pages, category pages, website speed optimisation, link acquisition, domain authority, and more.

Blog Posts

Most thriving sites utilise blogs to bring in new customers, and at Talks, we can take care of your content needs by developing an imperative plan and unique pieces of content that rank well on Google. Blog posts are a science and require knowledge, outstanding writing skills, research, and experimentation. We will use our years of expertise in growing sites to help grow yours.

Product Listing

If you run an eCommerce site, publishing new products on your site can be quintessential to growth. If you need help or simply want to take it off your hands, we’ll write up and publish the product listings for you. We promise to create unique descriptions and even have new photos taken of the products if you request. Each of the product listing packages is individual; thus, each package is priced differently.

Data Deletion

Had a request to delete someone’s data from your website? No worries, we’ll make sure it’s deleted from the frontend and backend of your website. No archives or backups will be kept of the data.