Social Strategy


Communicating with your customers can be challenging.

At Talks, we will help develop a bulletproof social
strategy that will fit in with your audience. We’ll help
handle adverse reactions and viral moments.

What’s part of social strategy?

Social strategy involves planning and execution. We will help you develop a superb strategy that fits your company’s values and goals to provide you with the correct voice. After the strategy is developed, we will give you the tools to utilise it.

How long does it take?

Generally, social strategies can take from a couple of days to a few weeks to develop. However, if a viral or publicity disaster happens, we can create a social strategy within hours.

Social is a bit like chess

When developing a strategy for social, it’s important to understand that it’s like chess. You need to think ahead of your potential problems and what sacrifices you may have to make when it comes to presentation and potential backlash. 

We love risky work, but most of what we do prevents the risk. All companies have different brand guidelines, and have different goals when it comes to brand awareness and sales on social. Running campaigns that attract attention can mean they will also attract bad attention, we’ll work out a way to prevent that ahead of time or find a way to manage it if it occurs.

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You’re still here? Here is more reasons to choose Talks.

Social strategy is rarely a priority, mostly because it involves risk management. However, it has its benefits when it comes to approach on social media. Here are some questions that we get asked about it.

Why do I need a social strategy?

Social strategy is a solution for companies looking for an experimental and bulletproof way to grow their social media following. For example, if you’re running a number of risky advertising campaigns you will need a B plan to a risk plan that will help combat the negative reactions. This is where social strategy comes in.