Social Media Management

Social is exciting

Social media is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience.

If you’re looking to promote your product or get some new leads, this is an excellent way to start.

What’s part of social media?

Social media is at the core of finding new leads in creative ways. With our well-produced, strategically placed social media campaigns you won’t just elevate short term but will gain advantage long term. Campaigns can focus on acquiring new leads, brand awareness, and sales. At Talks, we’ll offer a range of social media management plans to suit your business and goals.

How long does it take?

There are two main stages which we focused on when we run social media campaigns. One is the planning; this part can take from a few days to a month, depending on the campaign’s size. The second part is the running of the campaign. Depending on budget and goals, this can last from a day to a year. Throughout it all, we’ll keep tabs on the measurable metrics.

We Deliver on Social

As a forward-thinking company we understand the important of presence and interaction on social media. From years of experience and methods of innovation we have taken it upon ourselves to be the experts in social media. From Facebook to TikTok, we can deliver impactful content that will help your brand grow.

With our campaigns we can bring you sales, brand awareness, and even fame. We drive to make our clients stand out and feel authentic on social media.

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You’re still here? Here are more reasons to choose Talks.

If you’re looking for a strong social media campaign, we’ll have the answers to your needs. However, if you want to find out more before getting in touch, look below on some common questions asked by our clients.

Do you create content for LinkedIn?

We love LinkedIn, it’s a great social media platform for professionals and businesses looking to grow and network with like-minded people. It has to be said that LinkedIn has evolved with more casual tone content over the years and this is clearly present with popular content that floats about on the platform.

What should our goal for social media be?

It’s not easy to run social media with prominent growth, but it does help when you know what your aim is when you run a campaign. The two most common trackers we look at our sales/leads and engagement.

Engaging copy, striking imagery, and a solid call to action is essential for running a sales/lead campaign. But, on the other hand, if we’re running a campaign for engagement, we must understand the type of content they love and the possible reach we may get organically.

Can you create YouTube videos?

If you need specific content for YouTube such as tours of your branch, intros, or even event promotional videos, our team can work with you to create top quality content that grabs the viewer in.

Do you run viral social media campaigns?

Not many people opt out of viral success, especially if you’re a business and it’s a positive viral note. However, to become viral, many factors have to play a part. One of them includes organic reach. Unfortunately, many platforms have cut down on organic reach and pushed companies to pay to show their posts. This change has disrupted the growth of viral posts you see on platforms like Facebook. However, we can create a viral campaign that works for your company with a carefully committed plan and some luck.

Do you help with TikTok content strategy?

TikTok is a new platform that has taken the world by storm, especially loved by the young generations for its addicting format that lets people view hundreds of videos within hours and with ease. At Talks, we can develop and create content specifically for TikTok; in fact, we have our very own TikTok account you can see for yourself for content we’ve produced to test the platform.

Our Approach to Social Media

At Talks, we don’t believe social media campaigns should be limited to one or two platforms. All businesses are different and have a unique audience that has a range of preffered social media platforms. Thus, we do our best to embrace new platforms and those platforms underlooked by other agencies such as Pintrest and TikTok.

Our distinct approach helps utilise undervalued traffic and take on bigger brands within the space. We truly believe we have one of the most well-rounded outlooks into social media and what it has to offer to small businesses and large entitities looking to expand beyond traditional marketing means.

Platforms We Work With


Considered a prime destination for business advertising, Facebook is still a growing platform that keeps adding to its content capabilites. We believe it has a strong business tools that help create campaigns with generally reliable attribution and effective reach.


Short and snappy content is the jam that makes Twitter a success for a lot of brands, but there is a lot more to it. With years of experience in growing brands on the platform, we have many methods that utilise annual events, customer services, and the Twitter tools installed to grow any business within the platform.


Whilst many companies see YouTube as a platform for funny videos and vlogging; in fact, the platform can be a monster for companies to grow their product ranges and services. We develop magnificent campaigns that help you reach existing and potential customers within your industry with quality content that we also can develop if needed.


Short, catchy and addicting are one of the few ways of describing content on TikTok. The platform has gained huge success with its presentation of content and has become a leader for many companies looking to utilise undervalued influencer market within the platform.


Pinterest doesn’t come as the first option for many brands, but if you’re looking to grow your presence as a fashion, housing, or DIY-related brand then this platform can be a huge portal for customers. It’s powerful search and tag system has made it a superb tool for visual brands.


From fashionistas to construction companies, Instagram is utlised by various industries due to its visual and easy-to-use nature. We are strong believers in Instagram due to its organic reach that can be utilised to connect with B2B companies and potential customers that are looking to buy your product.