Press Releases

Press is key

Ready-to-publish press releases are not easy to get published.

Editors of newspaper and magazines get flooded with
press releases daily, but how do we make yours stand out?
At Talks, we’ll create engaging press releases
for each publication and editor to suit their
publication’s tone and content, making
sure your company gets published.

What’s part of press releases?

We offer various packages at Talks, including solo press release package. However, we highly-recommend running multiple releases to get the best round of publicity; this also means we can approach publications from several angles.

How long does it take?

To develop a press release, it can take from a few hours to a couple of days, depending on your needs and the provided information. Before we start any work, we have a series of questions to ask you and several assets we need to get, such as images and quotes.

Reach that delivers

There are tonnes of press release distribution networks, many with fixed pricing or guaranteed features. However, most of them deliver poor results with articles that are pre-written by them and are not fully indexed.

At Talks, we deliver unique campaigns for each of our customers. We select the publications and we do the groundwork to make sure you get featured as a company or invidiual. With this, we’ll provide each publication with an in-depth press release, photos and anything else they may need to publish a piece on you. Moreover, you’ll have a full report at the end of the campaign.

Ready to talk about press releases?

Here is the process.

1. We’ll Quote You

We do our best to give you a quote within 24 hours of a request.

2. Work, work, work

Our highly-skilled team of wizards will commence work on your press release.

3. Revisions & Additions

We’ll fix up any mistakes, or requested changes.

4. Launch

Hooray! We’ll roll out the press release and start tracking the results.

Any questions? Read our FAQ.