POS & Merchandise

Beyond the digital

Your physical store must maintain its branding,
even when you have a robust digital presence.

We offer unique packages that suit your business’ needs
when it comes to point of sales and merchandise.
From custom hoodies to tri-fold brochures and display screens,
we’ll create well-fitted materials to help grow your business.

What’s part of POS & Merchandise?

Our point of sale and merchandise service is tailored to meet your requirements. From simple video displays to premium business cards and branded workwear, we will have you covered.

How long does it take?

As this service can differ drastically, we can only give rough guidelines when it comes to time. In general, if you are looking to rebrand workwear, have a few display posters put up, this can take roughly two weeks, depending on the number of variations and products needed.

Empower Your Business

Being a Cambridge company and deeply rooted in local life, we believe in empowering companies through the point of sale and merchandise. We produce a range of premium products for companies looking to uplift their shops, offices, factories and branches.

We know it’s not always about the quick sale but also the sustained brand image. So if you’re looking for a new range of workwear or some snazzy business cards for your sales team, we’ll deliver the entire project from the draft design to the printed product to your door.

Our team of designers, marketing enthusiasts and aesthetic design lovers will work with your business to ensure you get what you need with care and efficiency. We stand by our work and always make sure our clients stay happy throughout the whole process.

Ready to talk about POS & Merchandise?

Here is the process.

1. We’ll Quote You

We do our best to give you a quote within 24 hours of a request.

2. Work, work, work

Our highly-skilled team of wizards will commence work on your project

3. Revisions & Additions

We’ll fix up any mistakes, or requested changes.

4. Launch

Hooray! The project is running.

Any questions? Read our FAQ.