POS & Merchandise

Beyond the digital

Your physical store must maintain its branding,
even when you have a robust digital presence.

We offer unique packages that suit your business’ needs
when it comes to point of sales and merchandise.
From custom hoodies to tri-fold brochures and display screens,
we’ll create well-fitted materials to help grow your business.

What’s part of POS & Merchandise?

Our point of sale and merchandise service is tailored to meet your requirements. From simple video displays to premium business cards and branded workwear, we will have you covered.

How long does it take?

As this service can differ drastically, we can only give rough guidelines when it comes to time. In general, if you are looking to rebrand workwear, have a few display posters put up, this can take roughly two weeks, depending on the number of variations and products needed.

Empower Your Business

Being a Cambridge company and deeply rooted in local life, we believe in empowering companies through the point of sale and merchandise. We produce a range of premium products for companies looking to uplift their shops, offices, factories and branches.

We know it’s not always about the quick sale but also the sustained brand image. So if you’re looking for a new range of workwear or some snazzy business cards for your sales team, we’ll deliver the entire project from the draft design to the printed product to your door.

Our team of designers, marketing enthusiasts and aesthetic design lovers will work with your business to ensure you get what you need with care and efficiency. We stand by our work and always make sure our clients stay happy throughout the whole process.

Want to work with us?

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You’re still here? Here is more reasons to choose us.

If need more guidance on the services we can provide for your shop, office, or branch. Look at some common questions asked by our customers.

Do you take care of design and print?

Yep, we will take care of the full process. You won’t need to worry about printing times or getting the design ready. If you want to control and part of the process we’ll happily work with you to suit your needs.

Can you help us with logo design?

We do offer logo design services if you need it for your branded products. However, if you’re looking for more serious brand design then we’d have to offer our brand design services which go more in-depth on brand construciton.

What type of branded clothing do you offer?

There is a variety of clothing we offer including: t-shirts, shorts, shirts, trousers, coats, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, and more.

Do you design and make branded water bottles?

Like mentioned above the range of products is large. We can put your brand on pretty much anything including: water bottles, mugs, calendars, USB sticks and more.

How We Approach POS & Merchandise

Point of sale and merchandise are key parts of a successful shop, office, or branch. At Talks, we have a simple but effective approach to it all. First, our team analyses your needs to determine precisely what you need. You won’t receive any shoddy work or sales pitches that push something you don’t need when you work with us. We’re not pushy salespeople. After we understand your needs, we’ll work out a plan and get to work.

The process of creating materials genuinely isn’t too long. However, if it is, we’ll be upfront with any estimated times, and we’ll let you know ahead of time so you’re not disappointed with our work.

If you’re happy with the completed products, we’ll happily offer any alternative services that we believe your business may benefit from. We will also provide a subscription or a print on demand service if you need more products for your company in the long term.

Services Included


Consistent branded workwear helps elevate your brand and helps unite your employees, making them feel as a united team. As a company that believes in quality workwear, we’ll create essential workwear for your business including t-shirts, hats, jumpers, sweatshirts, trousers and more. Workwear 

Business Cards

Business cards can be a vital tool for networking even in the age of Zoom meetings. We can develop deluxe physical and digital business cards for your salespeople and managers.


Looking to put up posters in your shop? At Talks, we have a gifted team of graphic designers that can create stunning posters that reflect your values, services, offers, reviews and more. If you need inspiration or types of posters we have made, simply get in touch and we can provide you with examples.

Branded Products

Among the range of products above, we offer a seriously wide of branding services including mugs, water bottles, calendars, USB memory sticks, notebooks, tote bags, stickers and much more.