Influencer Outreach

Influencers are ready

Getting your product and brand known is not easy as it seems.
Influencers can help with that. They don’t just hold power in
organic reach but also have loyal followings that can
completely change the way your brand and
product is perceived.

At Talks, we have a network of influencers
and the experience of running campaigns.

What’s part of influencer outreach?

Influencer outreach involves careful planning. Each campaign has a set budget and goals attached to it, which means we have to find the right talent to help achieve those goals. At Talks, we believe niche influencers are the best bet when it comes to quality results, so we’ll make sure we’ll find you the ones with the most active and listened to voices in your industry.

How long does it take?

Influencer outreach can take from a few days to a month, depending on the campaign’s size. Working with micro-influencers tends to be easier as they tend to have a less-filled content schedule meaning we can run campaigns swiftly and on schedule.

Campaigns that click

Tracking and acquiring influencers can be a significant challenge for influencer campaigns. As a result, we developed a strategy for approaching each influencer campaign from the beginning. We genuinely love influencer marketing and believe that careful steps have to be taken for authenticity and engagement reports on influencers.

Before running your campaign, we will deliver a complete presentation on which influencers to work with and why. We’ll also include a breakdown of their previous clients and values so it fits your business needs. After that’s complete, we’ll create the content for the campaign and generate any tracking codes that the campaign may need.

Ready to talk about influencer outreach?

Here is the process.

1. We’ll Quote You

We do our best to give you a quote within 24 hours of a request.

2. Work, work, work

Our highly-skilled team of wizards will commence work on your project

3. Revisions & Additions

We’ll fix up any mistakes, or requested changes.

4. Launch

Hooray! The project is running.

Any questions? Read our FAQ.