How to Prepare a Quality Press Release for a Product Launch

Launching a product into the world that sells is not as straightforward as people may think. Marketing campaigns can tremendously influence your product’s presence in the industry and its allure to potential customers. Unicorns like Apple have manoeuvred exceptionally well through innovative marketing over the years, being a prime example of how customers’ perception of the brand can influence their buying habits.

Product launches can include various marketing elements, from basic image posts on social media to complex multi-channel influencer campaigns. Nonetheless, in this post, we will look at how you can develop a top-notch, editor-loved press release for your product. These tips will work for numerous industries and will help shape up your press release.

Find out what makes your product unique

This task should be straightforward. You need to know what is unique about your product; after all the glamour and stunning imagery, your potential customers need to understand why they are paying a premium for your product. Remember, unique elements are not always limited to features. Factors like production location and sustainability background of your product can also be the unique selling points of your product. By using your product’s unique elements to your advantage, you can grab people’s attention and make it seem new.

Moreover, when you discover what makes your product unique, it will be much easier to market it to editors and thus get featured.

Here is a short clip from Mad Men in which Don Draper (Jon Hamm) brings out The Carousel and uses its unique presentation features to sells it through the element of nostalgia.

Write a story from a newsworthy angle

It’s always essential to understand why your product deserves notice in an article. For example, if you are making a clothing brand, could it be reasonable to focus on sustainable fashion and how it relates to your clothing production? As an alternative, if you are developing a tech product, can it help educate people or solve a daily problem recently discussed in the news?

By having a newsworthy angle, you’ll put yourself at an advantage to get your product featured. Writers are always looking for ways to grab readers in, so bring them the content that does that.

Target the correct publications

It’s too easy nowadays to buy a list of press publications, write a crappy press release, and push out a bulk campaign. The truth is it will likely get you nowhere.

We highly recommend selecting from five to twenty publications suited to your industry and then target specific writers and editors with your product story. Each email should be addressed to the correct person and should fit in with the rest of the content they post.

Extra tip: You may want to mention a previous article they wrote about your product’s topic.

Provide exclusivity to targeted publications

Giving exclusive interviews or features can genuinely uplift your chances of being featured. This strategy will also help develop a long relationship with the writers, meaning they could come back to you for comments on their other articles surrounding your product’s topics.

Provide quality assets

Providing publications with quality assets is not optional. By assets, we mean images, quotes, biographies, videos and so on. If you’re sending out an email, we recommend adding a link to a shared dropbox folder with all the assets; make sure to include multiple version of images and videos to suit different mediums. Also, have photos of the creators and the people behind the product; writers love using these photos to shape the story.

Have exciting quotes

A common mistake people make is lack of quotes or, even more importantly, engaging quotes. Quotes are vital to articles about products. Editors want to know what the creators think and how their comments tie in with the product’s story. As a recommendation, I would make the quote memorable, so it could potentially be the title.

Ready to publish content

Lastly and maybe most importantly, your press release should read a lot like an article. Creative language can be acceptable, but it doesn’t belong in the press releases if the editor doesn’t understand it. Highly-technical details should not belong in the leading paragraphs. Your press release should be so well-written that the editor would struggle to edit it without damaging the value of the content. Your press release should be the article you hope is published in its final form.

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