Breakdown: Ronaldo’s Numbers on Social Media

It’s still hard to believe that the fantastic Ronaldo, arguably the best to have ever played the game of football, has rejoined Manchester United. Alongside this unexpected return, we saw Messi join PSG, making the summer transfer window unique because shirt sales and social media engagement went through the roof.

To understand Ronaldo’s social media growth over time and just how significant a presence he has, we broke down his main social media channels: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Ronaldo has over 340 million followers as of this moment, the most by any footballer by far. On a daily average, he gets around 594 thousand followers per day — yes, those are astounding numbers that truly establish him as a global superstar.

On average, he does one post per day. Out of his last six posts, one is an advert. In terms of promotional content, his Instagram post promoting E-campus reached 3.2 million likes, much less below two images surrounding it that promote his lifestyle and sport, both getting over 10 million likes.


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Do Ronaldo’s followers engage with his content?

Ronaldo has a stable engagement rate of 2.76%. A good engagement rate for micro-influencers and influencers, in general, should be from 2% to 4%. Anything notably more significant or severely under such should cause some red flags. According to Grin, a tool that checks for influencer authenticity, Ronaldo’s audience has 76% credibility.


Facebook-wise, Ronaldo isn’t as popular; this can be for a few reasons, including the geographical areas of his followers. Currently sitting with 149 million followers, Ronaldo’s account gets a few million likes per post. But, like his Instagram, the posts are primarily identical but receive around five times fewer likes.

In terms of growth, Facebook numbers are much lower. For example, daily, he averages about 17 thousand new followers. However, he ranks 30th most liked on Facebook, below Leo Messi and Neymar.


Cristiano Ronaldo has nearly 94 million followers on his Twitter account and is the 5th most-followed account behind Rihanna, Kate Perry, Justin Bieber, and Barack Obama.

On an average day, his account gains 27 thousand followers. But, unlike Instagram, he only posts around nine times per month.

Modestas Mankus
Modestas Mankus
Modestas Mankus is the founder of Talks Media Group. Mankus holds expertise in digital and innovative marketing.

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