Brand Design

Your brand matters

Brand design is one of the most important ways to
demonstrate credibility and boost trust amongst customers.

With highly competitive environments in many industries,
staying on top of your brand image is essential.
That is where we come in.

At Talks, we offer comprehensive re-branding services that
can take your company from outdated to unparalleled.

What’s part of brand design?

Branding involves many elements including logo design, web design, and social media. We will do our best to suit your needs when it comes to schedules and budgets. If you already have company design guidelines, we’ll do our magic to make sure our work fits like a glove. So, If you’re looking for a complete changeover or just a small fix in a piece of design, we are ready to work with you.

How long does it take?

With many fast-flowing businesses around, it’s always understandable when you want work done fast. Luckily, at Talks we encourage fast-paced, high-level quality of work. Depending on your needs, we can deliver work branding work within a matter of days. Larger projects, depending on drafts and complexity, can take weeks and months. If you’re unsure or feel like you need your project done as soon as possible, reach out to us, and we’ll let you know how long it will take.

Diverse Brand Design

We have a rounded team of people in Cambridge and worldwide who work on brand design for clients to fit their precise needs. Our proven quality work has helped brands evolve to the next level. We help companies look and talk with their brand.

Like with all our work, we are fully open about our methods of developing a brand. From the core outline to the finished brand guidelines, we will take your company with openness. We believe in long-term projects and are always looking to work with companies with positive and forward-looking values.

Being a Cambridge company, we understand how important it is to feel local, national, and even international. So no matter what industry you are in or how ambitious your goals are, we will ensure your company’s image will stand firm.

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You’re still here? Here is more reasons to choose us.

If you’re unsure about the process and how we can help, we have compiled some brand design questions from our clients before they start working with us.

Do you help with tone of voice?

Having a mighty brand that stands out on a variety of platforms is difficult. Luckily, having a consistent tone of voice helps with that growth from the get-go. Our team will develop a professional and industry-suited voice for your brand that can be utilised on social media, email, videos and other mediums.

Do you create a design guide?

Yep, we certainly do. Design guides help your creatives and salespeople create content without us or any other agency or freelancer. The design guide includes fonts, text sizes, colour pallets, imagery, the voice of tone, language and more.

Can you provide us with multiple ideas for our brand?

Of course, we’ll always provide a rough idea board that includes several options for your company. These will consist of colour pallets, tone of voice, values, fonts, imagery, and other elements that affect how your brand is perceived.

How much is a logo design?

The most asked question we get when it comes to brand design is how much is a logo? Logos vary, and thus so does the pricing. If you need us to polish up an existing logo, it can start from £100. However, a fresh, professional logo that includes revisions can cost £500 and more.

Will you adapt our website to our new brand design?

Depending on which platform your website is hosted on, we can help with the redesign process, including updating fonts, refreshing logos, and fixing up the colour pallet.

Can you help with trademarks?

Whilst we don’t fill out trademarks, we can submit a trademark for you if we design a logo. We will charge the trademark fee and a small waivable admin fee if you choose a more extensive brand design package.

How We Shape a Brand

From the get-go, our team will be eager to understand what your company stands for and where it wants to grow when it comes to brand design. Therefore, we need to dissect each part of your company as this will allow us to grow on your weaknesses, threats, and strengths when coming up with a strong brand design outline.

We will look at many elements of your company, including social media, branches (physical stores), people, emails, design, language, tone, reviews, customer service and anything else that we feel may affect your overall brand image. We’ll also guide which direction we think your business’ brand should move to.

Our goal is to create a brand that stands for your goals and represents your business in the most excellent way possible. We believe quality thrives and wins in the end; thus, the process is detailed and requires a lot of work, communication, and revision.

Elements of Brand Design

Logo Design

Need a refreshed, modern logo? Our team of graphic designers and digital marketing professionals will work together to develop a stunning logo that fits your industry and values. From minimalist design to unconventional, unique logos. We’ll create a logo that catches the eye.


All brands require design elements that make them stand out. This includes the art of typography. At Talks, we love fonts and text. Thus we promise to deliver a brand-specific font that matches your overall imagery and feel.


Photos and graphic design pieces are part of the brand design package. We’ll have a photographer and a graphic designer to create work that suits the overall image of your business. If you opt-out, we can always provide stock imagery to fill any gaps before you are ready to take the next step forward.

Brand Colour Pallet

Like imagery, colours are vital when it comes to brand association. For example, when you think of McDonald’s or Spotify, you’ll have some image in your mind that most likely reflects their logo and their core colours. This instant association showcases a strong brand colour pallet. At Talks, we’ll develop or enhance your colour pallet to make sure it fits multiple purposes, including different mediums, platforms.

Tone of Voice

Whilst brand design is mainly known for visual elements; it also includes text and sound. The tone of voice helps your brand be more consistent and helps elevate your company’s visual elements and merits. For the process of creating a tone of voice, we’ll look at your company values and prepare a robust template for the tone of voice you should use with your customers via email, chat integrations, phone and more.