10 Films Every Marketing Professional Should Watch

Films are a great way to add to your knowledge and view of the world. If you are a marketing professional looking for some films to watch in your free time, we have some great options for you listed below.

The Founder

This biographical drama film, directed by John Lee, is a must-watch for every marketer. The plot of the film is set around the famous fast-food chain, McDonald’s. Ray Kroc is a businessman who sells milkshake machines. He gets a large order from a drive-in in San Bernardino and decides to go see it. Upon his arrival, Kroc confronts the McDonald brothers who are efficiently running a drive-in with fast delivery, quick service, and good quality food. He puts the idea of turning the restaurant into a franchise and the brothers agree to it with strict conditions in the contract. Kroc doesn’t like the conditions and later on decides to build a company with the intention of taking over McDonald’s later. The Founder is a story of a businessman who became the owner of the world’s most successful fast-food chain with a lot of perseverance.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is a biographical film of the famous tech enthusiast and the co-founder of Apple — Steve Jobs. This film was adapted from the 2011 biography written by Walter Isaacson. It tells us the story of Jobs from both personal and professional perspectives. It covers 14 years of Jobs’s life from 1984-1998. Though the bigger image shows Steve being the founder of Apple, the movie looks into his driven character that will do anything to make his vision a reality.


Syrup is a comedy-drama film that tells the story of a marketing professional, Six, and a common young man, Scat. One day Scat comes with a new idea for a drink and goes to Addison Cola Company to share it. He triggers the fire alarm to spread chaos, which resulted in a meeting with Six, who was working as a marketing executive for the firm. Six likes the idea and decides to further advance it to the higher-ups by polishing it a little bit. But the troubles await the two and the idea ends up getting stolen. Devastated as they are, a rival company hires them and they start working together again. Syrup is a good watch for new marketers to understand the somewhat dynamics of the marketing world.

The Joneses

American drama-comedy, The Joneses, was the first film by the director, Derrick Borte. Joneses are a family of four and they just moved into an upscale suburb keeping an impression that they belong to the high class. Under the cover of a rich family, Kate is just the leader of a stealth marketer’s team and they market products by disguising themselves as normal people. Everything from their clothes to furniture is planned and arranged by companies to create user demand by increasing the visibility of the product.

Thank you for Smoking

This American black comedy was released in 2006 and was directed by Jason Reitman. The plot of the film follows the name. Nick Naylor is a spokesperson for Big Tobacco company. He claims that there is no link between smoking cigarettes and lung diseases. The journey continues and he keeps his 12-year-old son close to strengthen the bond between him and his son. Later on, Naylor is accused of mis-claim. He accepts the severity of cigarette smoking but makes a point as to why people are still consuming tobacco despite knowing that the cigarettes are injurious.

The Social Network

This modern classic follows one of the richest people in the world, Mark Zuckerberg. The story follows the life events of Zuckerberg and his friends along with the development of Facebook. Zuckerberg started working on Facebook with his friend Eduardo Saverin. The partnership did not last for much time and they ended up facing each other in court over the clause of market shares. This movie tells the story of a company that came up from zero to $400 billion worth with 17,000 employees worldwide.


Moneyball is an American drama sports film that revolves around the story of two managers trying to build up a baseball team on a low budget. The film shows the tactics the managers applied to complete the team. They prioritise hiring low profile candidates with good stats over high profile candidates. This movie shares a lesson that a person does not always require great money to bring great changes. Thus, if you are working on a low budget, this film can be a great inspiration.

The Wolf of Wall Street

This film is an American crime biography that tells the story of a stockbroker, Jordan Belfort. Jordan started as your average stockbroker trying to earn a decent amount of cash. A few months into the field, he realizes the potential of this field and decides to start his own company. He along with his neighbor, Donnie Azoff, founded a new company and recruited some of Jordan’s friends, whom he personally trained in the art of selling. They become millionaires very soon only to be caught by the FBI later for fraudulent activities. This film has a great message on the art of selling and how not to misuse it.

Art and Copy

Art and Copy is a documentary about the most powerful advertising campaigns that have changed the history of marketing. It includes the stories of writers and artists who made a creative revolution in the marketing industry. George Lewis, Mary Wells, Dan Wieden, Lee Clow, Hal Riney, and others featured in this film who were responsible for the campaigns like “Just Do It”, “Where’s the Beef?”, “I Love New York”, “Think Different”, and “Got Milk”. All of these campaigns are part of the most successful ones in marketing history. This documentary will get you to know the market insights better and how the best marketers handled their campaigns.

The Circle

The Circle is a technology-focused film set in the modern era. It shows the story of a young woman, Mae, who decides to work at a tech company, The Circle, only to realize later that the company has a secret agenda they are working on it without anyone’s knowing. The company puts a camera on people, breaching their privacy and sharing the video footage of their 24-hour activities making them completely transparent to the world. Mae becomes the first victim to it and her family and friends decide to distance themselves from Mae as she accidentally exposed private aspects of their life. Later on, Mae exposes the company owners in a conference and gets the world back to normal again.

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