9 Examples of Branded Workwear to Consider Using

Branded workwear is integral to companies running physical stores, branches, work vans, or remote meetings. The core goal of branded wear is to help employees look professional, equal, and feel like they are part of a team. It’s a great way to boost morale throughout the company whilst also promoting your company.

To showcase some brilliantly branded workwear, we looked at some examples of workwear and accessories you may want to consider for your company’s brand design.

Is Branded Workwear Expensive?

Many business owners rule out branded workwear due to the extra cost of getting garments printed and designed. However, this additional cost is generally balanced out by its impact on the customer. It helps enlighten your customer with your brand imagery and values, gaining their trust from the get-go. Financially speaking, a Fruit of the Loom t-shirt can cost £3 as a plain t-shirt, and most printing companies would charge about £10 to print a single logo or vector on it. Nevertheless, this price can be negotiated with many smaller firms looking for a long-term client. It can also be improved if you order a bulk of garments, making custom apparel relatively cheap for its impact on your customers and staff.

Branded T-shirts

T-shirts are great because they are generally unisex, meaning you don’t have to worry about fit much, especially if the main sizes are covered. Moreover, they can be worn throughout various seasons depending on the weather and have a lot of space for logos, promotional wording, and call to action.

Material-wise, you can choose from cotton or polyester. Alternatively, you can ditch the basic t-shirt for a polo shirt if you want a more formal look for your employees.

A branded black t-shirt

Branded Hats & Branded Caps

Hats aren’t liked by everyone but have a great way of keeping people warm in the winter and safe from the sun in the summer. Hats come in many forms, including bucket hats, baseball caps, visors, fedoras, flat caps and beanies — to mention a few.

Hats can also be used for various promotional campaigns. For example, if you’re working with B2B or B2C customers that require to work outside, you can offer free winter hats in the winter or caps in the summer. This promotional campaigning can help create a stronger bond with your customers and develop an extra promotion channel for your business.

Branded Hoodies

Hoodies keep you warm and generally are a stylish and contemporary way to dress your employees. Moreover, with many workwear brands now offering organic cotton hoodies, you can even help the climate change movement. 

With hoodies, you can go many routes. For example, you can keep it simple and have a logo with a phone number. Or you can utilise the space the hoodie provides to publicise an event or a product you are propelling out to your customers.

Branded Jackets & Coats

We love to keep warm, which means that we love to wear coats in colder conditions. Branded winter jackets are a great solution to keep your team happy whilst also advertising your company. Jackets and coats come in vast variations, including waterproof and hi-vis styles, depending on what you need. 

To better understand your goal and vision, we’d look at your company’s overall brand to sufficiently understand the solution you need and what graphic design service you may require.

Branded Trousers

It’s not a favourite, but certainly a potential solution for brands that work with construction materials or want to go full out and aren’t looking to fit in with the crowd necessarily. Like the above options, trousers come in vast variations, from jeans to chinos — there are many ways you can go. Typically, branded trousers have minimal white logos that don’t shout but give a subtle nod to the company and its branding.

Branded Smart Shirts

Smart shirts are an excellent way for your employees to keep sharp and professional. Generally, branded shirts are pretty minimal in design and thus only offer you space for a standard chest logo. We’d recommend choosing a monotone colour pallet that pleases the eye for this type of product.

Branded Keyrings

Keyrings aren’t the fashionista’s dream of wearing but can be a small but worthy option for branded workwear. Keyrings come in various sizes and styles, including rounded, transparent, metal, and fabric.

Like the hats, keyrings can also be handed out to customers, meaning you can stay on their minds even when they don’t require a product or service from you.

Branded Mugs

Despite not being part of your workwear arsenal, mugs are still an essential item to consider. Mugs can be customised vastly through graphics, size, and colour, making them an excellent option for promotional campaigns.

Additionally, you can choose a travel mug. People who travel and like to drink coffee and tea while on the go will appreciate your gift and think of your company every time they use it.

Branded Hi-Vis

Are you working in an environment that requires extra safety? Well, custom hi-vis jackets can be an excellent option for you. From basic hi-vis vests to hi-vis bomber jackets, there are numerous routes you can take. 

In terms of design, commonly, we’d recommend choosing a simple one-colour logo and some potential text on the back of the hi-vis to promote your company. This option can also include a phone number or an email address, depending on your preferred method of contact.

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