7 Ways To Generate Content Ideas

To develop a successful social media strategy, you must create content ideas that will stick with your audience. From simple product promos to in-depth blog posts, the content varies in length and its presentation. Thus it is essential to cover all your bases and get content ideas from a variety of sources. To help out with your social media planner, we have come up with some brilliant ways to generate content ideas for all of your platforms.


This method may seem questionable, but positive reviews of your service or product can be used as social proof on your social media accounts. It is also possible to utilise negative reviews. For example, let’s say you sell a photography app which lets people apply filters to their photos. However, you get a negative review because your app’s free service doesn’t include a black and white filter. It is possible to hijack the review by giving away a free black and white filter and mentioning it in your response via social media. This type of response shows you care about your customers and are always looking for solutions to their problems. You can also employ humour with negative reviews and use them as promotional content to display your company’s wit and care.

Moreover, if you sell a product, you can send it to related influencers and blogs for an honest review.


While we don’t think copying always works, taking an idea and growing it can boost your social media channels massively. It’s worth looking at your competitors to see the type of content they post. We believe in originality, so it’s worth noting that you should use your company’s design guidelines and only take small snippets from your competitors.


Using recent events can be another great way to produce content ideas. For instance, if a big sporting event occurs, allow your business to align with a sports team or player. For companies with riskier strategies, political events can also be used to their advantage.

By utilising recent events for content, you can demonstrate your company’s values and make your business appear up-to-date in the eyes of the audience.

Ikea: World Cup 2018

Celebrations and Festivities

Using festivities like Christmas to help develop new ideas for your social media content is a superb way of expanding to your audience beyond straightforward product promotion. There are many celebrations throughout each year meaning you’ll have a lot to choose from and you’ll never run out of potential content when the new year rolls around.


Using the analytics from your website or campaigns can be a great way of knowing what content your audience enjoys. For example, suppose you run six different social media channels and continuously update all of them. However, you realise from the view and engagement that one single channel is receiving more attention. In that case, you could make a potential shift to focus more of your time on that channel and develop content that is vastly more successful.

Google Ads: Keyword Planner is a great way to find content ideas.
Google Ads: Keyword Planner is a great way to find content ideas.

Previous Content

Adding to the point above, if you’ve been creating content for a while, it’s always worth looking back. Maybe do an updated version of your video, or even better you can generate an updated version of a blog post. Recycling and updating old content is a fantastic way to re-engage with your audience.

Other Sectors

If your company is known for being in a “boring” industry, we recommend looking at different sectors for content ideas. Marketing everyday products can be tedious, but there will always be an angle you can approach to maximise your content quality. It is worth exploring YouTube to see if any popular content on its platform could work for your company.

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