7 Social Media Ideas for Brands for Euro 2020

With Euro 2020 coming in the summer, successful brands will do their best to make most of this monumental event that comes every four (five in this instance) years. Last time, in 2016, social media megastar Ronaldo took the title with his home country Portugal. With the tournament coming closer once again, we have created this small guide to help your brand incorporate Euro 2020 into its social media calendar.


Giveaways come in many shapes and sizes, and thus there are various ways to help your brand reach new customers or interact with existing customers. From giving away a football top to a flat screen television, Euros have many opportunities for brands to join in.

We recommend having social media platform-specific giveaways or a giveaway that directs people to your website. You can pick the winners in various ways: guess the correct result, most creative response, and artistic submission.

Predict the Score

Without spending any money, you can always engage your fans by asking them to predict the score for each game of the tournament. It’s not just fun and easy to create content but also will keep your fans engaged consistently throughout the tournament. Prizes can also be awarded to the person with the most correct guesses.

Name Your Team & Player

If you attract a diverse crowd of people or want to fill your content calendar for the Euros, then name your team, and player post might help you. From “What team you are rooting for?” to “Which player do you believe will win the golden boot?.” these types of questions will raise your audience engagement organically.

Game Commentary

So, the big game is here. England is in the semi-final. Everyone is tense and need someone to relate to throughout the game. Boom, your social media team is tweeting as the game goes live with their honest, funny and even controversial reactions. This type of content is not just easy to make but can quickly gain a lot of reach through the competition’s official hashtags.

For this type of content, we also recommend preparing GIFS and imagery to follow up. For example, if you know certain players are bound to score throughout the game, make up some funny or creative artwork to go alongside your post. Puns are welcome.

Guess the Player

Simple but fun. Guess the player is a simple game in which you pick out a football player from any participating team, create a silhouette version, and let the followers guess which players it is. You can add hints or leave them for them to figure out. Time it well, add a prize, relate it to a big game, and you have a potential social media hit.

Dress Up

If you have team members who love a bit of dress up, then why not dress up as your favourite player or in the colours of the teams you support for the Euros? Mascots would go even better! This type of content may not go viral but can be a lot of fun and will show the human side of your brand.


This one may be harder for smaller teams or those who have never done a podcast, but it is always a magnificent way to create content that keeps people hooked for long periods. From thirty minutes to three hours long, a podcast can range vastly in time; thus, there is no pressure to say everything in under twenty seconds. If you’re going to chat about the games with your colleagues, create a podcast and see how many more content ideas from the podcast you can make, such as a short video or audio snippets for your social media accounts.

Modestas Mankus
Modestas Mankushttps://mankus.co.uk/
Modestas Mankus is the founder of Talks Media Group. Mankus holds expertise in digital and innovative marketing.

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