7 Reasons Why No One is Posting Your Press Release

Press releases are an essential part of any marketing strategy looking to spread the word. But, they don’t always get shared. We have written up seven possible reasons why your press release gets stuck in the editor’s inbox rather than the traffic-filled website post.

Boring Title

Nothing worse than a press release with a boring title. By boring, we don’t mean factual but something with no clickbait power or readability potential. Press release titles should also be concise and stick to what you do. Using brand names can be acceptable if you’re well-known to the publication; otherwise, avoid using your brand name in the press release title if possible.

Good: Father And Son Join Forces At Luxury Watch And Jewelry Brand Jacob & Co.

Bad: Father and Son Join To Make a Watch Company

Another Potential Example: Father And Son Bond to Develop an Industry-Shifting Luxury Brand Jacob & Co.

An example of a straightforward title that would work with a press release.
A real example of a straightforward title that would work with a press release.

No Personalisation

Some publicists and promo managers have debated this topic; however, I would recommend adding personalisation for each person the press release is sent. Adapt to them and their needs, and most importantly, don’t waste their time or spam them with numerous press releases. It’s important to understand that long-term relationships are key for publicists and journalists, so make sure to respect their time.

Moreover, it’s vital to make sure you follow up with each journalist with more personalised emails or even calls — if possible. You could even try LinkedIn. Journalists miss emails, so I would try six times over two / three weeks to follow up as a personal recommendation. Spread them out a few days each and at no point email them more than once a day if they haven’t replied.

A typical example of a follow up.
A typical example of a follow up.

Lack of Images

Our pet peeve is the lack of images attached with a press release. Without any photos, you are not helping present your angle for your story or your product. Secondly, if a journalist decided to do a quick write up, they would have to email you for the image, which could be off-putting and wasteful.

You should provide a link to a DropBox folder or similar service for various sizes of images relating to your press release. We would also recommend formatting the press release in HTML and make sure an image is inserted after the title and short description of the press release.

An example of a normal music press release.
An example of a normal music press release.

No Quotes

This might not kill your press release, but will certainly won’t do you any favours. If you want to get featured or get as much information out there, make sure to include an exciting quote or even multiple quotes with your press release. Psst… make sure it doesn’t sound like corporate jargon.

Old Information

This one is pretty self-explanatory, don’t send old information. Facts that have been known for a while are just not newsworthy. Prepare fresh information every time.

Uninteresting Writing Style

We’d avoid writing anything too plain; your writing style is requisite in a press release. It would be best if you moved the reader by spicing up the language used in your press release aws much as you can without complicating the press release.

You Are Selling

Regardless of whether it is on the nose or not, everyone sells something. Press releases should be there to provide a solid piece of information that embodies your product or service, not to sell. In many ways, your product or company should accompany the piece of information in the press release rather than overshadow it. People want to read interesting facts, bizarre information, or unexpected news, not a product’s sales pitch. If your product is solving a problem, which it should, use that to your advantage and make the press release flow with the solution your product provides.

Modestas Mankus
Modestas Mankushttps://mankus.co.uk/
Modestas Mankus is the founder of Talks Media Group. Mankus holds expertise in digital and innovative marketing.

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