12 Free Professional Zoom Backgrounds for Your Business Calls

With COVID-19 spreading and people staying at home, Zoom has emerged as the go-to app for businesses in the past year. It didn’t just become an app people use, but a work culture shifting tool that has enabled executives to work from home and progress their business in the right direction. Here is our list of professional zoom backgrounds you can use for free.

What is Zoom, and is it free?

Zoom (Zoom Video Communications, Inc.) is a publicly-traded company based in the United States. Its core product is their online chat service Zoom, an app that allows one party to communicate via video or voice to another party. The unique selling point of Zoom is that it enables more than two people to call each other for free. It’s great for teams and families from different households to communicate without having to spend a lot of money or time figuring out how to do it. Zoom is currently free, but professional teams can upgrade their plans for more features such as company branding, cloud recording transcripts, and more participants.

How Can I Use a Custom Background in Zoom?     

Using a custom background is quite easy on Zoom. Firstly, there are a few important recommendations to ensure it is functioning at its best. One of the key things to try and have is a solid background, preferably of green or blue colours. Higher quality cameras also help. Final point, do not pose with clothing that matches or is very similar to the background because this may cause Zoom difficulty in isolating you from the background.

To start using your virtual background, first, you’ll want to sign into Zoom with your account. In the menu, click account management and then click account settings. With this done, an option for a meeting tab will come up which you want to click. After, click on the virtual background option and enable it by using the toggle. You may also need to tick two options, one is Allow use of videos for virtual backgrounds, and the other is Allow users to upload custom backgrounds.

City Background

Our easy-on-the-eye modern-day city template is one way to keep it simple with your colleagues; it will not distract anyone with its look and will make your Zoom calls just that more professional.

Download City Background

Purple Gradient

We’re not going to lie this background is a tribute to our colour palette. Psst… we recommend avoiding wearing anything purple with this one.

Download Purple Background

Nature Background

Bring the beauty and peace of nature into the comfort of your own home with this pleasing, beautiful background for your Zoom calls. We think this background design will work well for you.

Download Nature Background

Dog Background

This cute background is essential for dog lovers. Honestly, we all know that you will choose this one as your favourite.

Download Dog Background

Football Background

You no longer have to miss the football with this classic football background. Take control and be a manager! Or simply, listen to your manager speak for hours on hours about how you could improve on your performance.

Download Football Background

Brick Wall

Simplistic and classic, that’s what we love. Track to go alongside the theme: Pink Floyd ‘Another Brick in the Wall.’

Download Brickwall Background


If you don’t like dogs, here is a cat one.

Download Cats Background


If you would like to remain in a quiet environment for your Zoom calls, this library background may fit your needs.

Download Library Background

Relaxed Holiday

On the other hand, a relaxing holiday vibe might be just what you need after a challenging year.

Download Relaxed Holiday Background

Cloudy Moon Sky

This is a moonlit evening with a cloudy sky background, so we think it’s appropriate for an evening Zoom call meeting.

Download Cloudy Moon Sky Background

Working Space

Not able to make it to the office? Use our work place background to make up for it.

Download Working Space Background


You don’t need to go outside any more to have a picnic, simply use this beautiful summery park background.

Download Park Background

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