11 Amazing Travel Website Design Ideas

Travel websites are notoriously hard to get right, mostly due to amount of information they must convey within a limited space and time they have to attract an user. In this piece, we’ll look at some web design ideas from the most well designed travel websites.


Airbnb helps find vacation rentals, cabins, beach houses, unique homes and experiences around the world for various prices to match people’s budgets. The website itself is quite simple but modern and up-to-date in terms of elements within it. It’s clean look makes it easy to browse and perfect for those less-techy simply looking to travel.

32 Best Travel Website Design Ideas

Niarra Travel

Niarra Travel is a travel-based company that creates trips with conservation and community at their core. The website reflects their strong values and their positive message that they represent as a company. It’s modern, wide and well-responsive website makes it for a lovely digital visit.

Anywhere We Roam

Anywhere We Roam is a travel blog website by Mark and Paul, two keen adentures travellers who showcase amazing places through their stunningly eye-catching website. One of our favourite elements of the website is the explore menu in which the user can select the type of journey/trip they’re looking to take. From city breaks to wildlife — this website has it all.

Ota City Official Travel Guide

Travelers can discover the authentic, hidden charms of south Tokyo as soon as they step off the plane at Haneda Airport with the official Ota City tourism website. It’s stunning wide features and beautiful photography that accompanies the helpful information make it for a great travel website.

Chania, A City Of Many Tales

Visitors looking into visiting Chania, Crete can find useful information on this tourism portal based on experience. The lovely fonts and interactive features make it a worthy nominee in our list of best travel websites.


Travamigos is a contemporary group travel company. To create some unforgettable memories, they bring together likeminded adventurers across the United Kingdom. In result, their website reflects their innovative approach through slick design features and unmatched colour pallet.

The Green Travel Guide

Green Travel Guide offers eco-friendly experiences for those seeking a greener lifestyle. The website is organized and clean, like the message, and offers a range of experiences with travel guides for a safer and more accessible travel experience.

Batoka Safaris

With a focus on local communities, Batoka Safaris is a purpose-driven and tailor-made travel company committed to the advancement of the African tourism industry. Their clean and image-driven site is thing of beauty. Each element from the fonts to the colours match and play the right part in conducting a beautiful symphony making this website a gorgues success in the eyes of any user.

Visit The Eastern Cape

Visit The Eastern Cape is another great site that thrives on big visuals to capture their audience. The website is a helpful guide for those looking to travel and experience the culture and life of the Eastern Cape.

Teranga Lodges

Teranga Lodges is a lodge getaway travel spot located in the calm and beautiful country of Belgium. The website’s modern and simple look reflects the ease and calmness of the place. We love the warm and natural colors.


With a wide array of vibrant imagery, slick menus, and clean, modern fonts, Travelshift is a visually stunning website. With a bespoke website design, it’s an experience-based website that goes beyond travel.


Do you design travel websites?

Suppose you’re looking to design a website for a North American travel company or a tour-based company in the North of the United Kingdom. In that case, we can deliver the results you need as a Cambridge website design agency.

Is it worthwhile to use a travel website design template?

As a company that believes in bespoke travel web design, creating a unique website is far more worthwhile as the results you’ll get will reflect the values and the feel of the travel experiences you provide.

Is it challenging to build a travel agent website?

Travel agent websites require a hefty amount of work due to the levels of customisation needed. Firstly, it’s essential to figure out if you want a unique platform or a well-established CMS such as WordPress. Secondly, you must create an in-depth plan to understand how you will scale your website when it gets more visitors. This requires vetting any templates, plugins, and website hosts.

How to start a travel affiliate website?

Starting an affiliate website is hard enough, but travel can be even more challenging. In the first step, you want to make sure you host your platform with a great host. This factor will impact the speed of your website and how many conversions you may get; people don’t wait around for websites to load.

Moving on, you’ll need to figure out which niches you will try to tackle first. For example, maybe you want to focus on Brazil and promote their travel spots first. It’s much more manageable to chop up your content into categories. You’ll see results much faster and won’t be frustrated with the work required to create a globally successful travel affiliate website.

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